Monday, April 14, 2008

Visiting Iceland

As our visiting Icelandic artist pointed out, Iceland also enjoys an economic boost from tourism.

If you decide to go to Reykjavik:

the largest city in Iceland, you can grab a drink at an ice bar. Yes, a bar made of ice.

Actually, I was surprised to learn that the climate in Iceland is simliar to that in my home of Minneapolis, MN. Actually, Minneapolis gets colder in the winter than Iceland!

So I guess you will not have to pack for the worst cold ever.

You can plan to:

Whale watch.

and other outdoorsy things like hiking and puffin watching.

Or you can visit some amazing churches with impressive architecture:

The National Church of Iceland is a Christian denomination that most Icelandic people belong to, though there are smatterings of Catholics and other Christian denominations and beyond.

Of course there are arts activities too:

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starshrine said...

This is making me want to visit Iceland. The photo of the colorful houses and rooftops is so delightful!
So story-bookish looking.