Friday, April 25, 2008

Sri Lanka! Sports! Arts! Fun!

Sports are a big in Sri Lanka. People surf, golf, swim, hike, play rugby, and play football/soccer.

The biggest sport is cricket!

And look what I found:

Elephant polo...Poor elephants.

Dance and music are a traditonal part of everyday Sri Lankan culture. Traditionally, a hard days work is followed by music and dance.

Drums are used in religious worshp and also used in rituals during harvest time.

Pop, rick and R&B music has found a place in Sri Lanka too. The most famous group in the country is Bathiya and Santhush, an Sri Lankan R&B group.

Fine arts in Sri Lanka include pieces like these:

Kusum Reading, oil on canvas, 1968, by Jeorge Keyt

Traditional Folk Theater Mask


Sri Lankan Folk Art Salesman

Sri Lanka has an active history in the film arts beginning in 1901.

Kollywood is a term used for the Tamil film industry in northern Sri Lanka. Kollywood films have the widest overseas distribution and the industry is prolific: 106 films released in 2007.