Monday, May 12, 2008

Argentina: How to Tango

The controversial dance of the Tango originated in Argentina amongst poor immigrants from Africa, Italy and Spain. The exact history of the dance is greatly debated.

Rather than sort that out, here is a quick pictorial on how to Tango!

Dont' for get these key elements:

Tango music:
The accordion player in the Mandrágora Tango Orchestra played at my wedding.

Dancing Shoes:

The Steps:

The Rose:

The sexual tension:

And a partner, because it takes two to Tango!


dguzman said...

I once saw a movie with Don Ameche and some blonde actress (can't remember for sure if it was Betty Grable or not, but I don't think so)called "Argentina" and the music was wonderful!

Um--maybe I missed something, because I'm new to your blog--but why so many same-sex couples dancing? Is that just because Argentina's so hip, or because you're gay, or because they still don't let men and women dance together? Just curious!

Gay in Central PA!

Missy said...

Oh I would love to see that movie, Don Ameche!

I am straight, but I think all kinds of people love dancing, so that is why I included all kinds of dance couples. Plus the Tango is all about love and lust and all kinds of people like those things too!

Anonymous said...


Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

I worked on the Broadway show "Forever Tango" - this brings back memories... great pics ya got here !!!!

Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

When I was working on Broadway as a stagehand and heard we were going to do "Forever Tango," I thought to myself 'well this is going to be a bore'... I loved it.